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Sam and some Sticky Situations by Anne Marie Herron
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Sam and some Sticky Situations by Anne Marie Herron

Sam and some Sticky Situations Novel.
Sunny street Rooftops Scheme This is a novel at second Class level, Sunny Street presents two collections of Fiction Favourites, each containing five short stories to appeal to seven and eight year olds. They are presented as a selection of stories chosen by children in a class in Sunny Street. There is a short explanation about who chose each story and why. This is to help children to realise that different types of story appeal to different people and to encourage them to discuss their own favourite stories. Additionally, this level introduces a continuous story or novel. This is intended to act as an introduction to the reading of novels and enable children to move seamlessly into reading at the senior end of the spectrum. As the story is based around Sam's travels by computer, this novel provides an ideal opportunity to explore further the world of IT.
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